World union of knife throwers
Exactly in target!



03.12.2014     First open tournament Izhevsk of knife throwing

December 7, 2014 will be held first open tournament Izhevsk of sports knife throwing.



01.12.2014     Important news about the World Cup


For participants World Championship fee is 4000 rubles.
On Friday, at 15.30. station Ryazan-1 will be waiting for the bus that takes in sports center.


30.11.2014     World Championship of knife throwing . Unifight 2014.

World Championship version Unifight will be held in the Ryazan region in the sports complex "Luchezarny" 5-7 December 2014.


30.11.2014     Competitions throwing knife and an ax in the "Legion 78" for 2015


Calendar of events planned for the club "Legian 78" for 2015:
January 24-25, "The Cup of the North-West of sports knife throwing and ax" - Stage 1 "Cup of Russia in knife throwing 2015";
23-24 May "3rd Open Championship St. Petersburg on knife throwing and ax";
August 22-23, "Cup of Peter the Great on a throwing knife and an ax";
October 24-25, "Neva side" - Tournament knife throwing and ax dedicated to the third anniversary of the club "Legion 78";
7-8 November 1st "Eurasia Cup 2015 on the knife throwing."



22.11.2014     Results of team tournament on a throwing knife in Stalker

Congratulations to the winners of the team tournament on a throwing knife in Stalker, devoted to the Day of Military Intelligence.



21.11.2014     Melnikov's knives throwing school


А new knives throwing training hall in Moscow
Absolute world champion in throwing knives Dmitry Melnikov is inviting to learn to throw knives and other items.









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