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18.04.2018     Championship of Togliatti (Samara region)

Автор: Jonny

19.02.2018     Андрей Гребнев

Тестирование новых ножей "вектор спорт"

Автор: natalya

22.11.2017     Competitions on the sporting throwing of the knife "Cup of the Volga Region 2017"

Автор: Jonny

17.11.2017     Visiting Boriss Mikhailovs

just a short video report about how I good visited my friend Boris!

Автор: Jonny

15.11.2017     Exercise InterActive performed by the Dmitriev family

November 11-12 in Nizhny Novgorod the Cup of the Volga region of a knife throwing was held . In one of the exercises named Interactive, it was necessary to hit three targets for five seconds. An additional complication was that the targets appeared on the stand in a random arrangement. Competitions were held on the Olympic system and in the struggle for the third place at the line competite Artem and Venera Dmitrieva. Additional video of the first day of the competition

Автор: Jonny

04.11.2017     Night training on throwing knives

The thrower from Latvia, Boris Mikhailov, demonstrates that preparation for the World Championship of knife throwing can take place outside the equipped halls at any time of the day.

Автор: Jonny

04.11.2017     Throwing from a rope of knifes, axes, wrenches

Looking at the presentation of throwers of various subjects on TV, Boris Mikhailov sends greetings to all! Boris in response to the participants of the show throws knives, axes and wrenches, balancing at the same time on a tight rope.

Автор: Jonny

04.11.2017     Sergey Fedosenko. Knife throwing in TV show

Sergey Fedosenko, Moscow. He has been fond of cold arms since his early childhood, he knows everything about knives. World champion in knife throwing. It takes a minute to throw 80 knives and get into the target. In front of the audience will set a new record for Russia.

Автор: Jonny

04.11.2017     Konstantin Malyshev. Ax throwing in TV show

Konstantin Malyshev, Moscow. In the past, a pilot of civil aviation, now a businessman, world champion in throwing axes. It takes 30 targets in one minute.

Автор: Jonny

16.10.2017     Championship of Samara region

We present to your attention the long-awaited video report on the Open Championship of Samara region on throwing knives and the Cup of Memory of Mukhtarbek Kantemirov! September 24, 2017, Togliatti.

Автор: Jonny

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