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23.08.2018     Boris Mikhailov throw knives and axes

A little improvisation Boris Mikhailov in throwing knives and axes from different positions

Автор: Jonny

17.08.2018     Most balloons burst with throwing knives in one minute - Guinness World Records

The official YouTube channel of the Guinness Book of Records published a video from Jiangyin, which shows the struggle for an unusual record between David Adamovich from the United States and Yang Zhengking from China. Everyone had to burst as many balloons as possible in a minute, throwing knives into them.

Автор: Jonny

05.07.2018     throwing unusual objects

Boris Mikhailov, a thrower from Latvia, a master of throwing rally unusual objects.

Автор: Jonny

19.06.2018     Sapegino Cup 2017

In the summer of 2017, throwers knives and various objects gathered together in the Sapegino village Moscow region and held an exciting friendly tournament. The event was organized for the third time by Artem Dmitriev with the support of Ivan Dolgikh. Many thanks to everyone who helped with the organization, all the throwers and spectators. We are waiting for everyone at the IV Sapegino Cup on June 23-24, 2018.

Автор: Jonny

19.06.2018     Championnat de France de “Lancer de Haches et Couteaux”

La rétrospective du Championnat de France de "Lancer de Haches et Couteaux" à Vitré, les 19 et 20 mai 2018.

Championnat de France de "Lancer de Haches et Couteaux" from Corinne Moore on Vimeo.

Автор: Jonny

23.05.2018     Sapegino Cup 2017 exercise

A short story about the composition and sequence of exercises in the Sapegino Cup: Throwing a knife, throwing an ax, throwing a sapper blade, throwing without a turn, throwing objects, long throws of a knife and an ax, dueling and much more.

Автор: Jonny

23.05.2018     60 knives in one throw

Sergei Fedosenko throws 60 knives in one throw.

Автор: Jonny

17.05.2018     The championship of Samara region of knife throwing was held in Togliatti

Автор: Jonny

18.04.2018     Championship of Togliatti (Samara region)

Автор: Jonny

19.02.2018     Андрей Гребнев

Тестирование новых ножей "вектор спорт"

Автор: natalya

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