World union of knife throwers
Exactly in target!

Photo report by Kirill Kulikov from Hungary



Another victory RUSSIA - Rigas Cup - Hungary


I noted in August 10 years, as I picked up into the hands a throwing knife. Liked.
I studied at the Kovrov, Kolosov, Kim, Fedin (God rest his soul), Melnikov and Yakovlev.
I was not able to go to England for the World Cup, I think the Cup Rigas Hungary is Small European Championship, by our standards. I was go one from Russia (without companions).

As I got to this Alsomokosolada (still can't pronounce), you can write a whole book. The small village on the edge of Hungary, the nearest town (20,000 people) 40 km far. People in Budapest, of course doesn't know this town. Map diagram doesn't help. Citizens don't know either Russian or English. A little German. But I reached.

Greeted very good - right at the table. And the Hungarians do not snack with alcogol in principle (not accepted).

The village of 200 inhabitants, a small shop (bread, milk, beer, wine, vodka and soap), a huge Catholic church and a bar round the clock (from Stary Melnik beer to the coolest Tequila). Chips and wafers, which no one takes.

And the stadium turned out super. 7 main stands, 5 training, all new, well-marked and painted, trimmed grass, etc.

Security, however, no, but that is accepted there.

We arrived 19 people - Hungarians and Czechs, all of the players strengths (the warm-up I was terrified - all beaten 5-4, knives and axes.


But sports happiness was on my side. Blessing Novikov Sergei, he gave me his favorite large flag Unifight. And did their job wise parting words Kovrov Vladimir.

I won the gold medal and the Cup Rigas on 5-meters.

Then he went to Budapest, very beautiful European city. One feels the spirit of once great Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Of course, I am very pleased with the trip and thankful to all of you who wanted me to win (specifically)!


Thank you!
Cyril Guslyakov.



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