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World Championship in Knife Throwing and Axe Throwing



As competitor, you got the feeling of being inside a stadium: The competition grounds of the World Championship in Knife Throwing and Axe Throwing that took place August 20-30 2015 in Huthwaite / Nottinghamshire / England were arranged in the form of an U. The visitors – friends and family of the local throwers - would wander into the open side of the U to watch and cheer. And you were walking on tight British lawn – which just shrugged off the two showers that had the potential to create a mud pit. But please forget your image of the reserved Brit – the local organisers from the club KATTA UK and all their helpers very very welcoming and cordial.
The World Championship was the biggest gathering of knife throwers and axe throwers that the UK has ever seen in modern times: 133 athletes from 12 countries participated, eight countries were present with teams of five and more throwers. For the USA, it was the first year to make it into the country ranking, debuting on rank 5, with just 5 points more than follower Russia. To organise such a pluri-lingual crowd, the announcements were in four languages - Little John himself didn't have to use the amplifier for his booming voice.
Participating countries: France, Great Britain, Russia, Italy, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic; Poland, Latvia, Finland, Hungary.



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