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18.04.2017     Results of the Russia Championship 2017

On April 8-9 in Medyn, the Russian Knife Throwing Championship was held, in which 85 athletes (including 44 adults and 41 young people) from 12 regions and cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Irkutsk, Ryazan, Moscow region, Samara, Naberezhnye Chelny (Tatarstan), Ufa (Bashkiria), etc. The results of the competitions showed that "Sports knife throwing" is developing at a good pace, which affects the indicators, which every year is better and better. The competition process was hot and very long.
At women on a distance of 5 meters Anna Kortunova (Moscow) has established a world record - 500 points (Unifight rules).


17.04.2017     2 stage of the Russian Cup 2017 on knife throwing

April 15-16 in Volgograd modestly passed the 2nd stage of the Cup of Russia in sports knife throwing.
I post the rating of participants after two stages


24.03.2017     Results of the Moscow Championship

On March 18-19, the closed Moscow Championships for sporting knife throwing was held. In view of the fact that the tournament was closed, there were only 22 participants, but this only shortened the time of the tournament, but not its  tension. I post the protocols, photos and video.


12.03.2017     Mukhtarbek Kantemirov tournament

March 11, Mukhtarbek Kantemirov tournament of knife throwing was held. Qualifying competitions were held at a distance of 4.05m, the finals were at 5.50m.
In a stubborn struggle, Artem Dmitriev became first, Nikita Nikulin second, Oleg Novikov - the third.
Congratulations to all participants and special thanks to the organizers!


08.03.2017     The first stage of the "Cup of St. Petersburg in 2017 of knife throwing" was completed

March 4-5, the first stage of the "St. Petersburg Cup in 2017 of knife throwing" was held. The throwers showed an interesting struggle, especially the girls had great results.


27.02.2017     Results of Knifecraft tournament of knife throwing

February 23, Rostov-on-Don was Nayfkraft tournament on knife throwing on the anniversary of the final liberation of Rostov-on-Don from the German fascist invaders in the Great Patriotic War and the Day of Defenders of the Fatherland.


27.02.2017     A story about knife throwing in Ryazan on February 23

February 23-24, in Ryazan in the sports club "Peresvet" gathered throwers from Ryazan, Moscow, Moscow region. It was rich tournament with a lot of interesting exercises.


14.02.2017     Olympic duel in Silver Knife club

February 12, in Patriot club passed tournament according to the olympic rules. The second day of competition brought significantly fewer participants after the tournament to the memory Fedin join just 18 people. However, the duel format of the event showed the highest passions.


14.02.2017     Results of tournament memory Yuri Fedin of no-spin knife throwing

First tournament in memory of Yuri Fedin completed. Very pleased the number of participants, more than 50 people!


31.01.2017     Some photos from 3 Neon tournament in Ryazan

28-29 January in Ryazan was held throwing tournament with a very interesting and varied exercises. Throwers prompted to hit the target with knives and axes in the dark, at speed, in different techniques.


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