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03.09.2018     Legends of Throwing in Samara

September 15 in the Samara region will be the first Festival of knife throwing "Legends of Throwing." Within the framework of the Festival, the "Memory Cup of Mukhtarbek Kantemirov" will be held for the trick knife throwing.
In the program of the event:
• throwing knives from 3, 5 and 7 meters for adults, 3 and 5 meters for juniors (up to 18 years), 3 meters for beginners;
• Stunt throwing (obstacle course) on the "Memory Cup of Mukhtarbek Kantemirov";
• demonstration of the third brigade of the GRU;
• Exhibition of amphibious equipment;
• films about airborne operations;
• master class for assembly and disassembly of the Kalashnikov rifle;
• Exhibition of blade weapons;
• excursion to the Park Complex of the History of Technology named Sakharov.


03.09.2018     Cup of Peter the Great 2018

September 22 and 23, 2018 in St. Petersburg on the site of the club "78 Legion" will host a tournament on throwing a knife, an ax and a sapper blade.
The tournament is held in the following disciplines:
- "1st League" - throwing knife beginners from a distance of 3 meters;
- "Roman third" - throwing a knife from fixed distances;
- "Practice";
- "The Duel";
- "no-spin throwing";
- "The Duet";
- "Throwing an Ax";
- "Throwing a sapper blade".


31.08.2018     Silver Knife 2018

September 8-9 "Silver Knife-2018" (IV stage of the Cup of Russia) will be held in Moscow.


23.08.2018     Boris Mikhailov throw knives and axes

A little improvisation Boris Mikhailov in throwing knives and axes from different positions


21.08.2018     Knife throwing in the in St. Petersburg

On Sunday, August 19, an open tournament on throwing knives was held in the in St. Petersburg.


21.08.2018     Knife throwing in the Mozdok

The second stage of the Kavkaz tournament on sports throwing a knife passed in the city of Mozdok. The tournament was very interesting, it involved athletes from: Georgievsk, Zelenokumsk, Vladikavkaz, Mozdok.


21.08.2018     Festival of knife throwing "Legends of throwing" in the Samara region

We invite you to the First Festival of knife throwing "Legends of throwing" in the Samara region!
The festival will take place on September 15, 2018 in Togliatti, the beginning of the competition at 10.00.
Within the framework of the Festival, the "Memory Cup of Mukhtarbek Kantemirov" will be held for the trick knife throwing.


17.08.2018     Most balloons burst with throwing knives in one minute - Guinness World Records

The official YouTube channel of the Guinness Book of Records published a video from Jiangyin, which shows the struggle for an unusual record between David Adamovich from the United States and Yang Zhengking from China. Everyone had to burst as many balloons as possible in a minute, throwing knives into them.


14.08.2018     Results of the 2018 World Cup

August 1-4 in the Czech Republic hosted the World Championship according to the European Association of throwers. 160 people (the number is limited by the organizers), 33 of them are women.
15 countries:
France, Italy, Germany, Russia, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Latvia, Hungary, Finland, Switzerland, Poland, Slovakia, Canada, USA, Sweden.


25.07.2018     Results of 3 stage Cup of St.Petersburg of knife throwing

I publish protocols


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