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19.12.2014     Cup of the North-West 2015

January 24-25, 2015 in St. Petersburg at the club 78 Legion will host "Cup of the North-West 2015". The tournament is the first stage of "Cup of Russia 2015 on knife throwing."

The tournament consists of two main disciplines:
- "Classic" - knife throwing any grip with fixed (3, 5, 7, 9 meters) distances;
- "Throwing ax."


18.12.2014     Afghan Breakdown - 2014

Competitions of knife throwing "Afghan Breakdown - 2014", dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the of the the deployment of Soviet troops in Afghanistan will be held on December 21 2014. in the club "Patriot", Moscow.

Registration starts - 10.00; The beginning of the competition - 11.00.


18.12.2014     Event dedicated to the Day of State Security

The annual knife throwing event dedicated to the Day of national security, will be held December 20, 2014 in Moscow in FreeKnife hall 


17.12.2014     Ossetia and Stavropol Cossacks competed in martial arts

Meeting held under the motto "Glory Terek Cossacks." Together with the Cossacks from North Ossetia came  the Cossacks from Stavropol Territory. They competed in martial arts, including knife throwing and fighting on the bridge.



15.12.2014     Russian law about knives


Combat knives (such as bayonets, daggers), in Russian terminology a "cold weapon", permitted only at presence of the hunter’s license. Getting the license for foreigners is a very hard bureaucratic procedure. Knives are "cold weapons" are prohibited for use in sports.


13.12.2014     A doctor from Izhevsk won bronze at the UNIFIGHT World Cup on a throwing knife

Section sports knife throwing in Udmurtia appeared relatively recently, in August 2013. Larisa Davydova deals one year. She is the first athlete from Udmurtia who won a prize this level. Colleagues and relatives look calmly to such an unusual hobby and always interested in the results.



11.12.2014     Sometimes it is better to be silent than to speak!

Meanwhile, our fellow citizens make your opinion about knife throwing in our country on what they see in TV. Look at this "wonderful" movie. Now you know the words that you will hear from grandmother at the entrance.


09.12.2014     Results first open tournament of knife throwing of Izhevsk

Congratulations to the winners of the first tournament of knife throwing of club "Steel Petal" 


08.12.2014     Results of the World Cup version Unifight

The results of the last 06-07 December 2014 World Championship in the discipline Unifight knife throwing.

Despite the small number of participants were very spirited competition. The results speak for themselves. Gold took:
Jawad Achilov, Turkmenistan
Michael Syedyshev, Russia
Kortunova Anna, Russia


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