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10.02.2021     Actual information

Now the main communication of the throwers has migrated to social networks and there is not enough time to broadcast information here.
In this regard, the current information about the planned and past competitions, as well as photos and video materials can be seen on the page VKontakte
Or in group VK


09.02.2021     Competition calendar 2021

only Russian version


24.01.2020     Competition calendar 2020

January 11-12. Throwstorm, United States, Michigan
January 18-19. 1st stage of the St. Petersburg Cup, St. Petersburg.
January 25-26. Neon tournament, Ryazan.
February 01 North wind 2020, Cherepovets.
February 15-16. Stage 1 of the Russian Cup, St. Petersburg.
February 16th. Friendly Tournament "February 23 in the" Steel Petal ". Izhevsk.
February 23. Open free Tournament in Sports throwing a knife, for participants in the cadet movement for the prize of the FSMN UR "Steel Petal". Izhevsk
February 29th. 4th international tournament on non-stop throwing of a knife in memory of Yuri Fedin, Moscow.
February 29 - March 1. "Quarterly Report - JOY. Winter", Samara.
March 7-8 Texas Championship USA, Texas.
March 7th. Friendly Tournament "March 8 in Steel Petal". Izhevsk
March 14-15 Sev-Zap Fed Championship. okr. St. Petersburg.
March Tournament in memory of Razumovsky Moscow, Freefe.
April 3-5. The open annual tournament of the Samara province “VICTORY!” In sports throwing a knife dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Tolyatti.
April 18-19. Stage 2 St. Petersburg Cup St. Petersburg.
April 24-26. Italian Championship Italy.
April 25 - 26. Quarterly Report - JOY. Spring ", Samara.
May 2-3. May tournament, Angry Bee, Moscow.
May 2. Open Knife Throwing Tournament dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Izhevsk
May 23-24. Championship St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg.
May 23-24. Championship and Championship of Tatarstan on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the TASSR. Kazan.
June 20-21. Team Championship St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg.
June 20 - 21. Quarterly Report - JOY. Summer ", Samara.
June 26-27. Black Sea Cup, Novorossiysk.
June 27-28. Sapegino Cup, Moscow Region
July 3-5. Ryazan Kosopuz, Ryazan.
July 18-19. Stage 3 of the St. Petersburg Cup, St. Petersburg
July 18th. Friendly Tournament "Julian". Izhevsk
August 6-9, 2020. Knife and ax throwing World Championship / 20th meeting of large throwers. Herrischried, Germany.
8 August. The birthday of the Steel Petal club. Open Knife Throwing Tournament. Izhevsk
August 15-16. Eurasia Cup, St. Petersburg.
August 20-23. Knife throwing festival "Legends of throwing", Togliatti.
September 5-6. Championship of Karelia, Petrozavodsk.
September 19-20. Peter the Great Cup, St. Petersburg.
October 3-4. Yesenin tournament, Ryazan.
October 3 - 4. Quarterly Report - JOY. Autumn ", Samara.
October 24-25. Nevsky verge, St. Petersburg.
the 25th of October. Nexst step 2 - anniversary of the club Angry Bee, Moscow.
The beginning of November. Annual regional competitions in sports throwing a knife "WE TOGETHER - 2020", Otradny.
November 21-22. 4th stage of the St. Petersburg Cup, St. Petersburg.
29th of November. Winter Thing 2, Moscow, Angry Bee.
December 5-6. Regional competitions in honor of the Hero of the Russian Federation, Togliatti.
5th of December. The first open Championship of the Udmurt Republic in Sports throwing a knife. Izhevsk
December 12-13. Champions Cup, St. Petersburg.
December 19 - 20. New Year's tournament SHMN "RADOGOST", Samara.
December. Chekist's Day, Freelife, Moscow.


20.02.2019     Calendar of knife throwing competitions for 2019.

19-20 1st stage of the Cup of St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg
26 "Championship Tolyatti" Tolyatti
26-27 "Neon Tournament". Ryazan
27 "Young hero". Samara
9-10 "Fedin Tournament" (no-spin). Moscow
16-17 1st stage of the "Cup of Russia". "Northwest Cup". St. Petersburg
23 "The Royal Knife". Ryazan
23 "Martial Arts Festival". Samara
2-3 "Championship of the Samara region." Samara.
16-17 3rd "Championship and Championship of the Ryazan region.". Ryazan
16-17 "Golden deer" Nizhny Novgorod
23-24 2nd stage of the Cup of St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg
30-31 "Championship of Moscow" among children Moscow
31 Tournament in memory of Razumovsky Moscow
Dates are not defined XVII "Championship and Championship SGOAN". Samara.
7 "Space tournament". Ryazan
20-21 "Championship of the North-Western Federal District" St. Petersburg
Dates are not defined "Championship of Samara". Samara
Dates are not defined "Shield Nevsky." Samara region with. Borskoe
4-5 "May tournament". St. Petersburg
11-12 "Championship of Krasnodar Region" Novorossiysk
18-19 "Victory Tournament" Ryazan
25-26 "Championship of St. Petersburg". St. Petersburg
25-26 Dolmatov Cup (Children). Moscow.
Dates are not defined "Samara Championship". Samara
1-2 "Without back" (no-spin tournament) St. Petersburg
9-11 "Journey to the Past" Samara region, "Ancient World" village
15 "Freedom Tournament". Ryazan
22-23 "Sapegino Cup". Moscow region
22-23 "Championship of Samara". Samara
28-29 2nd stage of the "Cup of Russia" "Cup of the Black Sea". Novorossiysk
6-7 "Ryazan kosopuz". Ryazan
13-14 3rd stage of the "Cup of St. Petersburg". St. Petersburg
8-11 "World Championship on the European version." Great Britain
17-18 "Cup of Eurasia". St. Petersburg
24-25 3rd stage of the "Cup of Russia". Festival "Legends of throwing". Tolyatti
Dates are not defined "Samara Cup". Samara
7 "Expert". Ryazan
14-15 "Championship of Volga Federal District" Nizhny Novgorod
21-22 4th stage of the "Cup of Russia" "Silver Knife". Moscow
28-29 "Cup of Peter the Great". St. Petersburg
5-6 "Yesenin tournament". Ryazan
12-13 "Silver Knife". (Children) Moscow
19-20 "Neva face". St. Petersburg
26-27 "Championship of Russia". (Juniors). Ryazan
Dates are not defined "XII Festival of Knife Throwers". Samara
Dates are not defined "Invincible Power ". Tolyatti
2 "Ryazan Cup". Ryazan
10 "We are together!" Samara region
16-17 4th stage of the "Cup of St. Petersburg". St. Petersburg
Dates are not defined "Memory Cup Skrylev" (no-spin). Moscow
7 "New Year's tournament". Ryazan
14-15 "Champions Cup" (Commercial Tournament) St. Petersburg
21 "Afghan break". Novorossiysk
22 "Day of the Chekist". Moscow
Dates are not defined "New Year's throwing-intellectual tournament" Samara
Dates are not defined World Championship on Unifight version


03.09.2018     Legends of Throwing in Samara

September 15 in the Samara region will be the first Festival of knife throwing "Legends of Throwing." Within the framework of the Festival, the "Memory Cup of Mukhtarbek Kantemirov" will be held for the trick knife throwing.
In the program of the event:
• throwing knives from 3, 5 and 7 meters for adults, 3 and 5 meters for juniors (up to 18 years), 3 meters for beginners;
• Stunt throwing (obstacle course) on the "Memory Cup of Mukhtarbek Kantemirov";
• demonstration of the third brigade of the GRU;
• Exhibition of amphibious equipment;
• films about airborne operations;
• master class for assembly and disassembly of the Kalashnikov rifle;
• Exhibition of blade weapons;
• excursion to the Park Complex of the History of Technology named Sakharov.


03.09.2018     Cup of Peter the Great 2018

September 22 and 23, 2018 in St. Petersburg on the site of the club "78 Legion" will host a tournament on throwing a knife, an ax and a sapper blade.
The tournament is held in the following disciplines:
- "1st League" - throwing knife beginners from a distance of 3 meters;
- "Roman third" - throwing a knife from fixed distances;
- "Practice";
- "The Duel";
- "no-spin throwing";
- "The Duet";
- "Throwing an Ax";
- "Throwing a sapper blade".


31.08.2018     Silver Knife 2018

September 8-9 "Silver Knife-2018" (IV stage of the Cup of Russia) will be held in Moscow.


23.08.2018     Boris Mikhailov throw knives and axes

A little improvisation Boris Mikhailov in throwing knives and axes from different positions


21.08.2018     Knife throwing in the in St. Petersburg

On Sunday, August 19, an open tournament on throwing knives was held in the in St. Petersburg.


21.08.2018     Knife throwing in the Mozdok

The second stage of the Kavkaz tournament on sports throwing a knife passed in the city of Mozdok. The tournament was very interesting, it involved athletes from: Georgievsk, Zelenokumsk, Vladikavkaz, Mozdok.


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