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15.02.2018     Northwest Cup of throwing knives, axes, sapper blades 2018

January 20-21 in St. Petersburg in the 78th Legion Club hosted the Northwest Cup of throwing knives, axes, sapper blades. This tournament was the first stage of the Russian Cup to throw a knife and an ax. More than 40 throwers from different cities of Russia in a stubborn struggle fought for prizes and points of the Cup


15.11.2017     Competitions in Samara region timed to the Day of National Unity.

In the city of Otradny, Samara region, competitions were held on sporting knife throwing, timed to the Day of National Unity.


14.11.2017     Турнир памяти Скрылева 2017

November 4 in Moscow in Sokolniki was the 5th tournament in memory of Skrylev on the no spin knife throwing. This year 44 people took part in the competition !!!


04.09.2017     Alsomocsolad 2017

On September 1-3, in the small village of Alsomocsolad, Hungary hosted the European Championship 2017, according to the European Knife thrower Association. This large-scale tournament was attended by more than 150 throwers from different countries. Photos from Yuri Sokolov


05.06.2017     The third stage Cup of Russia 2017

On June 3-4, a tournament took place in memory of Vadim Rallev, a special forces soldier who died from wounds last year. His daughter, Anna, was present at the tournament. Competitions are the third stage of the Russian Cup in sporting knife throwing.


19.03.2017     Чемпионат Москвы 2017

Несколько серий с разных дистанций у мужчин и женщин


31.01.2017     3 Neon tournament. Ryazan 2017

28-29 January in Ryazan was held throwing tournament with a very interesting and varied exercises. Throwers prompted to hit the target with knives and axes in the dark, at speed, in different techniques. Photos from Anna Kortunova


14.12.2016     Чемпионат Мира по метанию ножа 2016

9-11 December in Medyn was the 16th World Championship for sports knife throwing in version of Universal fight.


05.12.2016     Humor

Continuing the theme "throwers joke" (the tag humor)


27.11.2016     November 19 Dueling Tournament in Moscow

November 19 in Moscow at the club "The Silver Knife" was no ordinary tournament, combining the traditional throwing and a dueling format. Participants threw classical three knives at a target. Who won in this series - got points. Two points - the transition to the next round. Competition was more spectacular and more intense than usual, because cost of failure is increased many times over. Some photos


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