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11.12.2017     Cup of Russia 2018

The Russian Cup in 2018 will take place in a new format. Competitions will be held in 4 disciplines:
1. "Classics" - 1 target A-4, distance 3,5,7 m in women; 5,7,9 meters for men;
2. "Eurostandard" - 3 targets A-4, distance 3,5,7 m in women; 5.7.9 meters for men;
3. "No-spin" - 3 targets A-4, distance 3,4,5, - women, 3,4,5,6,7 m. Three series for each distance;
4. "Ax work" - throwing axes from a distance of 4, 7m. and shovels from a distance of 5 m.
In the Cup of Russia there will be 4 stages. On each - 2 disciplines. Preliminary competitions are not present - all participants throw a full set of series.
Stage 1 - St. Petersburg - January 20-21 - "Eurostandard" and "Ax Work"
Stage 2 - Moscow - March 17-18 - Classics and No-spin
Stage 3 - St. Petersburg - (date - additionally) - Classics and No-spin
Stage 4 - Moscow, September 6-9 - "Eurostandard" and "Ax Work"


04.12.2017     Calendar of competitions on throwing a knife and an ax for 2018

Russian clubs laid out the plan of the throwing competitions for 2018.


22.11.2017     Competitions on the sporting throwing of the knife "Cup of the Volga Region 2017"


22.11.2017     Cup of St. Petersburg 2017. 4 stage

December 9-10, at the club 78th Legion Club, an open tournament will take place on the sporting throwing of the knife and ax "Cup of St. Petersburg in 2017".


17.11.2017     Visiting Boriss Mikhailovs

just a short video report about how I good visited my friend Boris!


15.11.2017     The Russian Championship in the sporting knife throwing among boys and girls

February 23-24, 2018 in Moscow will host the Russian Championship in the sporting throwing knife among boys and girls.


15.11.2017     Neva edge 2017. Results

November 11 in St. Petersburg was 5 tournament Neva edge, dedicated to the anniversary of the club 78 Legion.
I published the protocols


15.11.2017     Throwing practices, IV stage

And again Throwing practice, IV stage !!!
We invite to participate clubs and individual participants!
The online tournament is held until ⏰23: 59 (Moscow time) on December 03, 2017.


15.11.2017     Cup of the Volga region in Nizhny Novgorod. Results

November 11-12 in Nizhny Novgorod the Cup of the Volga region of a knife throwing was held .


15.11.2017     Competitions in Samara region timed to the Day of National Unity

In the city of Otradny, Samara region, competitions were held on sporting knife throwing, timed to the Day of National Unity.


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