World union of knife throwers
Exactly in target!

17.01.2015     Tournament on a throwing knife in Kharkov

January 18, 2015 in Kharkov, the event takes place on a throwing knife.

Register with 10:00



15.01.2015     World Championship of knife throwing 2016

Dear friends.
So - the results of the survey, which was conducted on behalf of "the Bureau", as follows:






13.01.2015     Happy birthday, mr. Sedyshev!


Today is the birthday of the outstanding thrower Mikhail Syedyshev!
Good health, sports longevity, even more opportunities to travel and engage in favorite things!


13.01.2015     Clarification on the rules of the Cup of Russia

Dear friends and colleagues!

In order to prepare the Russian athletes for international competitions was entered height adjustment the target.
Now, the target height must be fixed as in Europe



12.01.2015     In Omsk the thrower of knives injured partner's belly

In Omsk, the accident occurred during a rehearsal circus act with throwing knives. 27-year-old man was taken to hospital.





09.01.2015     Winter fighting games 2015

January 5, the first competition of sports knife throwing in the Volga city of Volgograd region.



09.01.2015     Results 2014 cossacks from friendly club "Basco" from Gelendzhik

Cossacks from friendly club "Basco" from Gelendzhik are working hard for patriotic education of youth and the full development of children. 



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