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27.11.2016     November 19 Dueling Tournament in Moscow

November 19 in Moscow at the club "The Silver Knife" was no ordinary tournament, combining the traditional throwing and a dueling format. Participants threw classical three knives at a target. Who won in this series - got points. Two points - the transition to the next round. Competition was more spectacular and more intense than usual, because cost of failure is increased many times over. Some photos


03.10.2016     Yesenin Tournament 2016


19.09.2016     Silver Knife 2016

September 3-4 in Moscow hosted the annual tournament of knife throwing Silver knife. On start held rewarding the winners of the children's set-off, it was held separately. Silver knife was also the final stage of the Russian Cup, at the end awarded the winners of the Cup. Beautiful pictures from Anna Kortunova.


14.09.2016     Первенствo Мoскoвскoй oблacти г.Пушкинo. 10.09.2016.


05.09.2016     Silver Knife 2016


22.08.2016     Photos of the tournament of knife throwing in Nevinnomyssk 2016

August 20 was the second tournament of Nevinnomyssk of Sports knife throwing.


27.07.2016     Results Maniago2016


04.07.2016     White Night 2016

25 and June 26 in St. Petersburg hosted the annual Tournament White Nights. The competitions were organized by the club Stalker. The program includes 5 types of duels and 4 types of games: "tic - tac-toe with knives", "sea fight with knives," "Poker knives" and "billiards knives." The first day of the duel, the second day of play. Congratulations to the winners of the tournament "White Nights 2016". Enjoy the photo session.


04.07.2016     First neon tournament

30.06.2016 was the first neon knife-throwing tournament. The event took place in complete darkness, but the blades are illuminated by LEDs, the target illuminated with ultraviolet light.


04.07.2016     Eurasia Cup 2016

25-26 June in Nizhny Novgorod hosted the Cup of Eurasia in the sports knife throwing. Beautiful photos from "Live Blade" and from Anna Kortunova


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