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31.08.2015     The results of the World Cup in England in 2015

I post the photos and results of winners of the world championship on a throwing knives and axes, which took place August 20-23, 2015 in England from Eric Domingues‎


26.08.2015     Кубок Петра Великого 2015

22-23 августа в Санкт-Петербурге прошел Кубок Петра Великого по метанию ножа. Фотографии Людмилы Соловьевой


26.08.2015     World Cup in England 2015

August 20-23, 2015 in Notingemshire, Great Britain, the home of Robin Hood, was held the world championship according to the European Association throwers knives and axes. The competition was attended by more than 130 athletes from 11 countries. I gathered from different sources photographs of this wonderful event. Photos Rosanna Beltracchi, Pascal Boucreux, Lynn Dakin Ball, Roland Meyer-Speicher and other


20.08.2015     Метательные практики. Август 2015

Some photos from the monthly tournament Throwing practices that take place in St. Petersburg.


18.08.2015     Золотой олень. 2015. Нижний Новгород.

Pictures from the 1st open championship of the Nizhny Novgorod of sports knife throwing "Golden Deer". 15-16 August 2015.


06.08.2015     Кубок Черного Моря 2015

В 2015 году традиционный Кубок Черного Моря по метанию ножа прошел в городе-герое Севастополе. Участников приехало немного, но соревнования все равно вышли зрелищными и интересными.


23.06.2015     Throwing practices

St. Petersburg, June 20 2015, a sports center Excalibur. Throwing knives 3 and 5 meters.


27.05.2015     3-й Открытый чемпионат Санкт-Петербурга по спортивному метанию ножа и топора

May 23-24, 2015 in the club "Legion 78" was held III Open championship of St. Petersburg of sports knife and ax throwing


22.05.2015     Чемпионат Иркутской области

On May 17 in the Irkutsk region has passed the first the open championship with very interesting prizes. Organizator is Vladimir Turchin.


13.05.2015     IV Звездный турнир 2015

May 10-11 in Pushkin the Moscow region was held IV Star tournament on knife and ax throwing . A few photos from the group


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