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12.03.2016     The Cup of St. Petersburg on sports knife throwing

27-28 February at the club 78 Legion passed the first stage of the Cup of St. Petersburg on sports knife throwing. Some photos.


26.02.2016     14 open championship of knife throwing in Samara

21-22 February in Samara at the club "Iron Age" was held Championship of the University Nayanova of knife throwing. Competitions have been held for the 14th year in a row. Several photos of the winners.


26.02.2016     Knife throwing in Samara. February 2016

Photos from the tournament on a throwing knife, which was held in Samara on February 20 at the Sports Palace Aviacor on the Festival of Martial Arts.


25.01.2016     North-West Cup 2016

The tournament was held in St. Petersburg on 23-24 January 2016 and is the first stage of the "Russia-Stark Cup 2016 of Sports knife throwing".


31.12.2015     День Чекиста 2015

December 26 in Moscow were held competition of knife and ax throwing on the Day of the State Security employee . Top throwers were defined in a very exciting and hard-fought struggle. Photos from Anna Kortunova tournament and from the group FreeKnife.


23.12.2015     Volgograd Championship of knife throwing

December 20, 2015 in Volgograd was New Year Cup Volgograd region of sports knife throwing. Some photos and reports.


23.12.2015     Afghan Breakdown 2015

19 and 20 December 2015 in Moscow hosted the annual All-Russian tournament in knife throwing "Afghan Breakdown -2015", dedicated to the Hero of the Soviet Union G. Boyarinov. Competitions devoted to anniversary of the entry of Soviet forces in the Republic of Afghanistan. Boyarinov - commander of the group, stormed the palace of Amin. Among the guests of the tournament was attended by participants of the assault, the date of which was the beginning of the war. December 19 there was the competition among children , gathered 36 participants! December 20 adults threw knives. I present some photos from Anna Kortunova and Igor Lucash.


23.12.2015     New Year tournament of knife throwing in Samara

December 19-20, 2015 in Samara was a happy New Year tournament of knife throwing. Incendiary costume event combined persistent struggle among throwers. Santa Claus, judged strictly and fairly. A few photos from the team of Izhevsk


16.12.2015     Kazarla 2015

Festival of Cossack military art "Kazarla" was held on December 12 in Moscow at the equestrian club "Izmailovo". Dozens of Cossacks from the Don, Kuban, Terek, Volga, from other regions gathered here to compete with sabers, throwing knife, to demonstrate mastery of the whip. Moscow throwers demonstrated skill throwing knives.


16.12.2015     Eurasia Cup 2015

We congratulate the participants and winners of the first "Eurasia Cup" of sports knife throwing! Competitions were held in St. Petersburg on December 5-6, 2015 at the club 78 Legion.


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