World union of knife throwers
Exactly in target!

19.02.2015     A squad of young scouts "Brave wolf-cub"

February 15 as part of the "Week of courage" in Chekhov district hosted a ceremony of initiation guys in the squad of young scouts "Brave wolf-cub."
On the day of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan, the boys made a solemn promise to be worthy successors of their fathers.
The program includes demonstrations melee, shooting, knife throwing and archery.



19.02.2015     In Samara will be held XVII Festival of martial arts

February 21, 2015 at the Palais des Sports Aviation Plant (st. Fizkulturnaya, 101) will be held XVII Festival of martial arts on the Day of Defender of the Fatherland. The festival will feature these types of martial arts, as Sambo, Karate, taekwondo, Unifight (throwing knife), kickboxing, martial arts, jiu jitsu.



18.02.2015     The birthday of a great Mukhtarbek Kantemirov

Today, the birthday of the remarkable and sympathetic person, a great horseman, one of the founders of the theater "Stuntman" Mukhtarbek Kantemirov! The man who gave much as a knife thrower, and people devoted themselves equestrian and horse.
Our dear Uncle Misha! Allow to congratulate you on your birthday! Wish amendments health and long in the saddle !!!


16.02.2015     Knife throwing in Samara in February

Competition of Knife throwing in Samara will be held on February 21-22


16.02.2015     Tournament with non-standard exercises in St. Petersburg

February 28 in St. Petersburg at the club Alexander Morozov tournament will be held with non-standard exercises (dueling, etc.)


16.02.2015     Competition for the prize Mukhtarbek Kantemirov

February 28 will be competition for the prize Mukhtarbek Kantemirov. In the same date will stage the Cup of Russia and the tournament in Stalker. Thrower not be an easy choice.


15.02.2015     Metatel in English


Friends! Open the English version of the site. Switch on the top of the page.
English-language news broadcast will significantly increase awareness our European and American colleagues about the events in Russia.
Translate all the accumulated materials, I can't. I need help: take any piece of Russian text and send me translation on email. If you see an error in translation - tell me too.


14.02.2015     Mix tournament in Ivanovo

February 22, 2015 in Ivanovo will be held open tournament on applied eventing:

  • Shooting from a pneumatic gun
  • throwing knives
  • knife fight


08.02.2015     Punches bottles by axe

Infomercial M48 Hawk Tactical Tomahawk. Punches and throws an ax destroyed bottles with carbonated water. Good shot from different angles.


05.02.2015     Housewives Gelendzhik took up knives

Among Gelendzhik women becoming increasingly popular classes on a non-spin technique of throwing knives. Local coach Nail Ahmadu - the only one in Russia who teach by this method. He mastered this ancient Tibetan technique during a trip to Asia. Its main feature - the effect of the arrow, the sharp and deep penetration into the target.



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