World union of knife throwers
Exactly in target!

15.11.2017     Throwing practices, IV stage

And again Throwing practice, IV stage !!!
We invite to participate clubs and individual participants!
The online tournament is held until ⏰23: 59 (Moscow time) on December 03, 2017.


14.11.2017     World Championship of knife throwing 2017

December 15-17, 2017 World Championship of sports knife throwing for the Universal Fight rules will be held in Moscow, Russia, .
Any Knives
Fee 3 000 rub for two distances and 5 000 rub for 3 distances + Absolute
Prize-winning 300,000 rub


14.11.2017     Window to Europe - throwing in St. Petersburg

November 19 in the club Angree Bee will host the Window_to_Europe tournament.
Competitions according to the rules of the European Championship, on the target close to the European. Disciplines: silhouette; knife 3, 5, 7 meters; tomahawk.


05.11.2017     Knife throwinf in the club Angry Bee

December 2-3, in the club Angree Bee, St. Petersburg, there will be competitions on throwing a knife in turn and nospin technics.


04.11.2017     Knife throwing in the Samara region

Dear friends!
We are glad to inform you about the competitions in the Samara region on sporting knife throwing, timed to the Day of National Unity "We are together"!


03.11.2017     XI Festival of Knife throwers in Samara

November 18-19 in Samara the XI Festival of throwers knife will be held.


17.10.2017     Owl Cup 2017

The All-Ukrainian tournament on Sports Throwing Knife and Ax "Owl Cup" will be held on October 28-29, 2017, in Mariupol, Donetsk region.


16.10.2017     The tournament on the knife throwing memory Vladimir Kovrov

On November 5, at the Klinok exhibition, in the pavilion N.4 of the Sokolniki, a tournament will be held in memory of Vladimir Sergeyevich Kovrov.
Registration starts at 10.00
A non-standard throw distance will be selected randomly.


16.10.2017     Tournament on no-spin throwing of Skrylev's memory 2017

On November 4, 2017, the 5-th Ilya Scrylev Memorial Tournament will take place to no-spin knife throwing.
We invite everyone to participate in our traditional competitions.
The tournament will be held in Moscow at the exhibition "Klinok.Traditsii and Present." On the territory of Sokolniki Park, exhibition pavilion N4.


16.10.2017     Afghan Break - 2017

The tournament of the knife throwing "Afghan break-up - 2017", dedicated to the memory of Hero of the Soviet Union Grigory Ivanovich Boyarinov, will be held in Moscow.
December 23, 2017 - men and women;
December 24, 2017 - boys and girls (under 16 years);


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