World union of knife throwers
Exactly in target!

22.03.2017     VI STAR TOURNAMENT of Sport knife throwing

30 April - 1 May 2017 in Pushkino the sixth Star Throwing tournament will be held.


20.03.2017     Knife throwing at the exhibition Klinok

April 1 at the exhibition "Klinok.Traditsii and modernity" taking place in Sokolniki in pavilion number 4, will be the First Open Tournament for the prize of the exhibition "Flying Blade"
The competitions will be held according to the rules of Unifight, the standard Unifight target, in absolute mode. Qualifying-five series with 3, five series with 5 meters. In the final, 3 and 5 meters for 10 series. Men and women in the overall standings. We will be glad see all comers!


19.03.2017     2nd stage of the Russian Cup 2017

The 2nd stage of the Russian Cup 2017 will be held on April 15-16 in Volgograd. The rules are normal.


17.03.2017     Black Sea Cup 2017

This year, the Black Sea Cup will be held near Sevastopol in the juniper grove on the cape Aya. Competitions will be held on July 31. July 29-30 Sevastopol celebrates the Day of the Navy.
There are options for accommodation in the camping - in tents in the well-maintained territory or in the military resort Chaika in the rooms. The organizer of the competition is Andrey Grebnev.


06.03.2017     Championship of Russia of knife throwing 2017

April 7-9 in Medyn Championship of Russia in Universal fighting in the sports knife throwing among adults and children will be held.


04.03.2017     European Championship in Knife- and Axe Throwing / 17th Big Throwers Meeting, September 1-3 2017, Alsómocsolád, Hungary

As usual, the most important goal is to get together knife and axe throwers from all over the World for some days of throwing in a relaxed atmosphere. Meeting old friends and finding new ones, learning some new throwing tricks. Having fun with wacky targets and throwing games. And, of course, we'll have a competition: The European Championship!


17.02.2017     6 Moscow Championship of sports knife throwing

March 18-19 will be held VI Moscow Championship of sports knife throwing.
This year tournament allowed throwers who train in Moscow clubs only.


16.02.2017     Competition memory Dmitry Razumovskiy

Memory Dmitry Razumovsky Competitions will be held on March 25 in the hall on Elektrozavodskaya.
Competition program:
American step by step
Duel (European rules)


14.02.2017     III Championships Irkutsk region of knife and ax throwing

February 25 near Irkutsk will be held III Outdoor Championships Irkutsk region in universal fight in the discipline "Sport knife throwing" timed to the 74th anniversary of the victory of the Soviet troops in the Battle of Stalingrad.
The program includes knife throwing, ax, sapper shovels, plates, shooting from a pneumatic pistol. Long throwing and other interesting exercises.


14.02.2017     Knife throwing in Samara

February 18, in the Samara will be held a knife-throwing tournament, dedicated to the Day of Defender of the Fatherland.


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