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18.04.2018     Star tournament 2018

May 12-13, 2018 the annual international "STAR TOURNAMENT FOR SPORTING KNIFE Throwing" will traditionally take place in the city of Pushkino (Moscow region), 


03.04.2018     Tournament of knife throwing of memory of Mukhtarbek Kantemirov

April 14 at the exhibition Blade In Moscow a tournament in memory of Mukhtarbek Kantemirov will be held.
Registration starts at 11.00
Terms and distances of competitions are announced at the start of the tournament.


27.03.2018     Cup of St. Petersburg 2018. Stage 2

April 21-22 The Cup of St. Petersburg will be held in the club 78 legion.
The tournament is held in two main disciplines:
- "Classics" - throwing a knife with any grip from fixed (3, 5, 7, 9 meters) distances;
- "Throwing an Ax".


27.03.2018     Competition of knife throwing on the Cup of Alexander Dolmatov

April 22 the annual competition of knife throwing on the Cup of Alexander Ivanovich Dolmatov will be in Moscow. He is legend of the Soviet special forces.
April 22 - children;
Registration starts at 10.00; The competition starts at 11.00.
Children (up to 16 years) - at a distance of 2 meters - throwing a plate, at a distance of 3 meters - throwing a knife, at a distance of 3.5 meters - throwing an ax.
Men and women - at a distance of 3 meters - throwing a knife, at a distance of 4 meters - throwing an ax, at a distance of 5 meters - throwing a saper showel.
Scoring for men and women is separate.


22.03.2018     Nayanova Cup of knife throwing in Samara

March 31 - April 1, for the 17th time, we is gathering friends one of the first in Russia "Nayanovskiy" tournament (since 2002). At one time it involved both legends of the projecting world, and those who later became legends ... To this day, many records of the "Nayanovskiy" tournament are higher than world records!


19.03.2018     Knife throwing in Domodedovo (Moscow regiion)

March 25 in the city Domodedovo (Moscow region) a tournament of sports knife throwing "In Memory of Heroes of the Fatherland" will host.


14.03.2018     Knife throwing in Togliatti (Samara region)

April 7 will host the Open Championship Togliatti (Samara region) on sports knife throwing.
Beginning of registration of athletes at 9:00. Solemn opening and the beginning of the competition at 10:00.


13.03.2018     Championship of Ryazan region

April 7-8, 2018 will host the Ryazan region Championship on knife throwing according to the rules of Unifight


13.03.2018     Dmitry Razumovsky Memorial Competitions in 2018

Competitions memory of Dmitry Razumovsky will be held on March 31 in the hall of Freeknife in Moscow.
The program of the competition:
American step-by-step
Weak hand
No spin
Throwing ax and saper shovel


22.02.2018     Triathlon tournament in Izhevsk. knife throwing & archery

March 4, 2018 FOR THE FIRST TIME in Izhevsk on the basis of the shooting range "Dynamo" will be held a tournament in the triathlon format.
Participants will need to take part in all three competitions: archery, throwing knives and shooting from a crossbow.


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