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Competition calendar 2020


January 11-12. Throwstorm, United States, Michigan
January 18-19. 1st stage of the St. Petersburg Cup, St. Petersburg.
January 25-26. Neon tournament, Ryazan.
February 01 North wind 2020, Cherepovets.
February 15-16. Stage 1 of the Russian Cup, St. Petersburg.
February 16th. Friendly Tournament "February 23 in the" Steel Petal ". Izhevsk.
February 23. Open free Tournament in Sports throwing a knife, for participants in the cadet movement for the prize of the FSMN UR "Steel Petal". Izhevsk
February 29th. 4th international tournament on non-stop throwing of a knife in memory of Yuri Fedin, Moscow.
February 29 - March 1. "Quarterly Report - JOY. Winter", Samara.
March 7-8 Texas Championship USA, Texas.
March 7th. Friendly Tournament "March 8 in Steel Petal". Izhevsk
March 14-15 Sev-Zap Fed Championship. okr. St. Petersburg.
March Tournament in memory of Razumovsky Moscow, Freefe.
April 3-5. The open annual tournament of the Samara province “VICTORY!” In sports throwing a knife dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Tolyatti.
April 18-19. Stage 2 St. Petersburg Cup St. Petersburg.
April 24-26. Italian Championship Italy.
April 25 - 26. Quarterly Report - JOY. Spring ", Samara.
May 2-3. May tournament, Angry Bee, Moscow.
May 2. Open Knife Throwing Tournament dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Izhevsk
May 23-24. Championship St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg.
May 23-24. Championship and Championship of Tatarstan on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the TASSR. Kazan.
June 20-21. Team Championship St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg.
June 20 - 21. Quarterly Report - JOY. Summer ", Samara.
June 26-27. Black Sea Cup, Novorossiysk.
June 27-28. Sapegino Cup, Moscow Region
July 3-5. Ryazan Kosopuz, Ryazan.
July 18-19. Stage 3 of the St. Petersburg Cup, St. Petersburg
July 18th. Friendly Tournament "Julian". Izhevsk
August 6-9, 2020. Knife and ax throwing World Championship / 20th meeting of large throwers. Herrischried, Germany.
8 August. The birthday of the Steel Petal club. Open Knife Throwing Tournament. Izhevsk
August 15-16. Eurasia Cup, St. Petersburg.
August 20-23. Knife throwing festival "Legends of throwing", Togliatti.
September 5-6. Championship of Karelia, Petrozavodsk.
September 19-20. Peter the Great Cup, St. Petersburg.
October 3-4. Yesenin tournament, Ryazan.
October 3 - 4. Quarterly Report - JOY. Autumn ", Samara.
October 24-25. Nevsky verge, St. Petersburg.
the 25th of October. Nexst step 2 - anniversary of the club Angry Bee, Moscow.
The beginning of November. Annual regional competitions in sports throwing a knife "WE TOGETHER - 2020", Otradny.
November 21-22. 4th stage of the St. Petersburg Cup, St. Petersburg.
29th of November. Winter Thing 2, Moscow, Angry Bee.
December 5-6. Regional competitions in honor of the Hero of the Russian Federation, Togliatti.
5th of December. The first open Championship of the Udmurt Republic in Sports throwing a knife. Izhevsk
December 12-13. Champions Cup, St. Petersburg.
December 19 - 20. New Year's tournament SHMN "RADOGOST", Samara.
December. Chekist's Day, Freelife, Moscow.



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