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14.08.2018     Results of the 2018 World Cup

August 1-4 in the Czech Republic hosted the World Championship according to the European Association of throwers. 160 people (the number is limited by the organizers), 33 of them are women.
15 countries:
France, Italy, Germany, Russia, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Latvia, Hungary, Finland, Switzerland, Poland, Slovakia, Canada, USA, Sweden.


25.07.2018     Results of 3 stage Cup of St.Petersburg of knife throwing

I publish protocols


12.07.2018     Results of the Ryazan Kosopuz 2018

July 7-8 in Ryazan the second international tournament on throwing knives and axes "Ryazan Kosopuz" was held. Throwers from all over Russia, as well as from China and France for two days competed in 14 disciplines. Among them - throwing knives and axes at a long distance, on speed, intuitive throwing, dueling on knife axes and much more. A total of 61 participants took part in the competition.
The organizers stated that the tournament is the preparation of the Russian team of knife throwers for European and international competitions.


03.07.2018     Results of the Sapegino Cup 2018

June 23-24, Moscow region hosted a tournament on throwing knives, axes, shovels and other various items. More than 30 throwers gathered and the tournament turned out to be very interesting. Moscow and Moscow region, Ryazan, St.Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod tried themselves in throwing in different ways and objects, 10 sets of awards were played.
Thanks to everyone who got there, the geography of the participants is growing year by year. I very pleased with the general friendly spirit and active participation in the organization of the competitive and household parts.
I published the digitized protocols.


27.06.2018     Iron games results

10-12 June near Samara throwing tournament "Iron games" was held.

Results only in Russian.


19.06.2018     Results of 3 stage Cup of Russia on knife and ax throwing

June 10-11, St. Petersburg hosted the third stage of the Russian Cup of the sports knife throwing. In the first day we threw by the rules of Unifight, in the second - no-spin by 3 targets. The people were few, so everything went quickly, not stressful, cheerful. From the bottom of the heart I congratulate winners, prize-winners and participants of tournament.


04.06.2018     Results of Hungarian Championship

May 12-13, Hungary hosted the Hungarian Championship in a village with an unpronounceable name Alshchomocholad, which throwers met from all over Europe came.
From Russia were Roman Shlokov and Vadim Zveryansky, congratulations on their excellent performance!


30.05.2018     Results of the Championship of St. Petersburg of knife throwing

May 26-27, 2018 the VI Open Championship of St. Petersburg on sporting knife throwing was held. We conducted it on the "Olympic system", but with a new definition of the winner of the tournament as a whole. The results can be seen in the protocols. I want to congratulate the winners, prizewinners and participants of the championship, wish them new victories and patience in achieving them.


17.05.2018     Star tournament results 2018

May 12-13 in the city of Pushkino(Moscow region) the International "VII Open Star Tournament on sporting knife throwing" and the Championship of the Pushkin Municipal District was held.
Competotions was attended by 93 sportsmen, not only of Pushkin and other towns of the Moscow region, but also from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Izhevsk, Bryansk, Ryazan, Naberezhnye Chelny. Throwers from Bulgaria, Republic of Congo and Laos came to participate. The beginning of the competition was timed to a significant date: the Regional Association of the Moscow Regional Federation of Sports Knife Throwing was two years old.


25.04.2018     Results of the Dolmatov's tournament

April 22 Dolmatov's tournament only among children was held.
This competition with non-standard rules. Three subjects - three distances. Qualifying in five series, but the main series are dueling on the Olympic system. Two leagues - the first, performing throws a plate, a knife and an ax, from two, three and four meters respectively; 
and the highest league, carrying out throws with a knife, an ax and a sapper shovel from three, four and five meters, respectively.
The tournament, due to the specificity of the exercises, turned out to be short, but this circumstance, added the hassle for throwers.


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