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Dear thrower,
in my town, winter is retreating, and I'll be out-and-about throwing
knives soon. Whatever your weather, I want to share some news and fun
stuff on throwing with you, to get you throwing outside, too!
++ Meetings and Competitions 2018
An overview of all major knife thrower meetups in Europe is always
available at:
- World Championship in Knife and Axe Throwing, August 2nd to 5th 2018,
Rymarov, Czech Republic
Knife and axe throwers from all over Europe (and the USA) will meet in a
Wild West re-enactment town for the World Championship of the
EuroThrowers. The most important thing is to have fun throwing together.
The tournament rules will not change much as compared to last year. But
you can be sure that the Czech organisers will think of some novel
events! All details will be published at:
Some of the other competitions in 2018:
- 28th of April 2018, KATTA UK Double Bit Axe Tournament, Huthwaite,
Great Britain
- 11th to 13th of May 2018, Rigac Cup, Alsómocsolád, Hungary
- 19th of May 2018, Slovakian Championship in Knife and Axe Throwing,
Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
- 22th to 24th of June 2018, KATTA UK National Tournament, Huthwaite,
Great Britain (special ranking for guests)
- 7th to 8th of July 2018, Open Russian Competition in Knife and Axe
Throwing, Ryazan, Russia
- 14th to 15th of July 2018, Irish Axe Throwing Open, Wicklow, Ireland
- 3rd to 5th of August 2018, Swedish Championship in Double Axe
Throwing, Hälleförs, Sweden
- March to June 2018, Open Italian Knife and Axe Throwing Tournament,
three locations, Italy
- March to July 2018, French League of Knife Throwers and Axe Throwers,
- April to June 2018, Competitions of the Schweizer Werfervereinigung,
++ Report European Championship Hungary in 2017
For the first time in a EuroThrowers Championship, we had to install a
waiting list for participants, such was the interest. The participants
from 12 nations then enjoyed a smoothly organised weekend full of varied
throwing fun. The local throwing community went out of their way to
organise the event, and provide ample scorers. Two new fun events were
showcased at the event, silhouette throwing with axes, and throwing at a
moving see-saw target (fiendishly difficult). For a detailed review with
plenty of photos, do visit:
++ Throwing a Kunai
Want to be a ninja and throw kunai knives? Rick Lemberg wrote an
entertaining how-to on that:
++ Helping Adam
Adam Čeladín, knife throwing promoter of Czech no-spin fame, had some
bad luck. You can help him out:
++ Videos
If a stunt looks just too incredible, it might be faked. Here is a
stick-by-stick analysis of such an incredible video:
That's what you get when a knife thrower and a fire-breather collaborate
(do not try yourself!):
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