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Exactly in target!

Ryazan Kosopuz 2017


August 5-6, 2017 everyone is invited to the tournament RYAZANSKY KOSOPOZ
Ryazan, CSKA stadium.
The targets will be European. Most of the exercises will be from the upcoming championship in Hungary. Stands are three spili with a target painted. Stands for throwing at a range with a target diameter of one meter. Dueling stands. Six tracks for throwing at accuracy. The tournament is supposed to be held outdoors (hopefully in August that summer will begin). List of proposed exercises:
1. American step-by-step knife throwing - a distance of 3,4,5,6,7 meters.
2. Silhouette, ax.
3. Ax - distance 4,5,7 meters
4. Ax long distance.
5. Ryazan KOSOPOZ - an ax duel.
6. No spin step-by-step - distance 3,4,5 meters.
7. Intuitive.
And if we have time
8. No spin long distance.
9. Duel the knife.
10. knife long distance by a free style.



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