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Sapegino Cup 2017 results


June 10-11 in the Moscow region of Sapegino for the third time there were competitions organized by Dmitriyev Artem and Dolgikh Ivan. This time, the competition gathered 29 athletes from Moscow, the Moscow region, Ryazan and St. Petersburg.
Program: Cup - the summ of exercises for throwing: a knife - 3 meters, an ax - 4 meters, a shovel - 5 meters, no-spin throwing from 4 meters, plus throwing 4 things of different weight and size from 4 meters. Plus set-off exercise swing (throwing on a swinging stump), "silhouette" with an ax from 4 meters, throws at the range of the knife and ax and "Duel" (throws at speed) with a knife. Plus a bonus - a shish kebab, a good company, fresh air and throwing anything.
Many thanks to everyone who got in!



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