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Thrower calendar 2017


Dear throwers!
I gathered in the table all the competitions of knife throwing, which were announced in 2017.
List significantly expanded.
Метание ножа в цель
As new data will complement.
January 14 tournament on a throwing ax + speed knife-throwing (10 knives in 20 seconds), Moscow
January 21-22, the North-West Cup, I stage of the Cup of Russia, St. Petersburg
January 28-29 Neon tournament, Ryazan
February 11 No-spin knife throwing tournament memory Y. Fedin, Moscow
February 12 Olympic duel PROF. As the distance increases to the final. Moscow
February 19 Championship of Moscow among boys and girls, Moscow
February 18 Event in honor  Day of Defender of the Fatherland
February 25 III Outdoor Championships Irkutsk region
February 23-24 tournament PERESVET, Ryazan
March 4-5 1st stage of the Cup of St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg
March 25-26 Competition dedicated to the memory of Dmitry Razumovsky, Moscow
March 18-19 Championship of Moscow, Moscow
April 07-09 Championship of Russia, Medyn
April 07-09 Martial Arts Olympiad East-West, St. Petersburg
April Competitions for the Day of Cosmonautics, Samara
April II stage of the Cup of Russia, Volgograd
April 2 stage of the Cup of St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg
April Tournament on throwing a sapper shovel, Moscow
April 22-23 I Open championship of Ryazan on sporting knife throwing, Ryazan
April 22-23 The German Cossack Riding and Jigging Championship, as well as the discipline of knife throwing and archery
May Star tournament, III stage of the Cup of Russia, Pushkino
May Championship of St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg
May Special Forces - for children and adults (knife + ax + shovel), Moscow
May 26-28 French Open Championship in Knife Throwing
June 10 Cup Sapegin Moscow region
June 10-12 Cup Andrei Yakovlev Samara region
June White Nights of St. Petersburg
June Gold Deer Nizhny Novgorod
July 1-2 Kosopuz Ryazan, Ryazan
July Cup St. Petersburg 2016. Stage 3, St. Petersburg
August Cup of Peter the Great, St. Petersburg
September 1-3 World Championship European version, Hungary
September 9-10 Silver knife, IV stage of the Cup of Russia. Moscow
September Championship of Moscow region, Pushkino
September World Championship Unifight throwing among boys and girls. Medyn
September Snezhen, Volgograd
October 7-8 tournament Yesenin, Ryazan
October Championship "Iron Age" club, Samara
October brink Neva, St. Petersburg
October No-spin knife throwing tournament memory Igor Skrylev, Moscow
October Dueling knife-throwing tournament among children, Moscow
November Dueling knife-throwing tournament among adult, Moscow
November Phase IV "of the Cup of St. Petersburg St. Petersburg
December World Championship version Unifight 2016?
December Afghan Breakdown - 2016 Moscow
December Day Chekist Moscow



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