World union of knife throwers
Exactly in target!

World Championship of knife throwing 2016



Dear friends.
So - the results of the survey, which was conducted on behalf of "the Bureau", as follows:

The number of members of the Union: 150
Individual letters sent by e-mail or regular mail: 138
Get full or partial answers: 60
Returns received letters marked "addresse is false": 16
The number of members of the Union, without an address e-mail: 12

The Results:

A) World Championship?

Shall it be possible to call the EuroThrowers Championship "World Championship"?

   YES = 52
   No   = 8

B) Russia? Shall the management committee evaluate if it is possible to hold a EuroThrowers Championship in Russia (2016 or later)?


  YES =  33,5
   No   = 12,5
 Yes, once the political turmoil has ended = 14


1 /
calculation was carried out by the following rule:
1 = "yes"
0 = "no"
If the reporter does not give a clear answer,
0.5 in the "yes" + 0.5 in the "no"
2 /
a few answers are not given in the form of yes / no and kept notes:

- WM possible, if they involve not only the Europeans.
- WM spend 1 time in 2 years
- WM in Russia - yes, a sport out of politics
- WM in Russia - no, I do not want to get there instead of competition with other throwers in prison because of prohibited knives (and a lot of emotional words)

3 /
It was accounted the letter came in response to my "official" request.
All answers will be kept for some time.

Alexander Martynov



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