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18.08.2017     Kazan Championship of sports knife throwing

August 30 the first Kazan Championship of sports knife throwing will be.


16.08.2017     Volgograd Championship of knife throwing

September 28 - October 1 in Volgograd will host the annual exhibition "Blades of Russia", within the Volgograd Championship of knife throwing will be.


11.08.2017     The championship of St. Petersburg in 2017 on sports throwing knife

The championship of St. Petersburg in 2017 on sports throwing knife will be held September 16-17 at the club 78 legion. The rules later.


11.08.2017     Results of the Ryazan Kosopuz

Ten cities, thirteen clubs, individual participants, 33 throwers took part in the RYAZANSKY KOSOPUZ for two days.

Photos & Results


11.08.2017     competitive weekend in the "Angry Bee".

August 19-20 - competitive weekend in the "Angry Bee", St. Petersburg
August, 19 Competitions according to the rules of the European Championship, on the target close to the European one. Disciplines: silhouette; Knife 3, 5, 7 meters; tomahawk.
August 20 Duel for every taste and under a variety of rules. First you choose a duel, and then your opponent.


10.08.2017     Boris Mikhailov. Throwing in motion

Boris Mikhailov leisurely, but inexorably approaches the stand, throwing knives from a distance of 7 6 5 4 3 2 meters


03.08.2017     II stage of St.Petersburg Cup

August 26-27 the 2nd stage of the St. Petersburg Cup for throwing a knife and an ax will be host in "78 Legion".


14.07.2017     Silver knife 2017

September 9-10 in Moscow the 12th international competition of the sporting knife throwing "Silver Knife-2017" (4th stage of the Cup of Russia) will be held.


13.07.2017     Ryazan Kosopuz 2017

August 5-6, 2017 everyone is invited to the tournament RYAZANSKY KOSOPOZ
Ryazan, Lokomotive stadium.
The targets will be European. Most of the exercises will be from the upcoming championship in Hungary. Stands are three spili with a target painted. Stands for throwing at a range with a target diameter of one meter. Dueling stands. Six tracks for throwing at accuracy. The tournament is supposed to be held outdoors (hopefully in August that summer will begin). List of proposed exercises:
1. American step-by-step knife throwing - a distance of 3,4,5,6,7 meters.
2. Silhouette, ax.
3. Ax - distance 4,5,7 meters
4. Ax long distance.
5. Ryazan KOSOPOZ - an ax duel.
6. No spin step-by-step - distance 3,4,5 meters.
7. Intuitive.
And if we have time
8. No spin long distance.
9. Duel the knife.
10. knife long distance by a free style.


23.06.2017     Results of the Memory Tournament 2017 in Samara

June 17 in Samara the Memory Tournament, dedicated to the anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War was held. Athletes from Samara, Togliatti, Izhevsk, Otradnoye took part in the tournament, personal and team competitions. The results of the competitions were summed up in both the team and individual competitions for each of the nominations.


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